Here are notes taken during some graduate courses at Cornell. They were live-TeX-ed, so expect typos.

(Fall 2015) Bernstein Seminar, Tim Riley
Exploring the works of Gilbert Baumslang
We are making a blog in parallel with this seminar [blog]

(Spring 2013) Seminar in Algebra, Tim Riley
The Geometry of Solvable Groups [pdf]

(Spring 2013) Bernstein Seminar, Karen Vogtmann
Moduli spaces and their compactifications [pdf]


Introduction to FI-modules [pdf] – From homological stability, to representation stability and FI-modules. And some pretty pictures to boot! These are notes from a talk I gave.

The Johnson homomorphism – In the ’80s Dennis Johnson developed this tool to study the mapping class group. Here is a brief exposition.

Equivariant Homology [pdf] – This homology theory is defined for G-CW-complexes X and generalises group homology (equivariant homology of a point) by extending coefficients from a single G-module to a cellular chain complex.

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