Here are a list of some talks I have given during my time at grad school.

September 2015 (Cornell University, Olivetti Club Seminar)
Assembling homology classes of free group automorphisms [Abstract]

April 2015 (Cornell University, The Lettle Topology Seminar)
Intro to Spectral Sequences [Slides]

April 2015 (Cornell University, Olivetti Club Seminar)
FI-modules: homological methods for representation stability [Slides]

February 2015  (Cornell University, Berstein Seminar)
Residual finiteness and Hopfian groups [Blog]

October 2014  (Cornell University, Olivetti Club Seminar)
Kontsevich’s theorem and Morita’s cycles [Slides and abstract]

September 2013 (Cornell University, Olivetti Club Seminar)
The Johnson homomorphism of the mapping class group

April 2013 (Cornell University, Berstein Seminar)
Finitely presented Metabelian groups


Here is a paper I put on the arXiv.

June 2015 On the FI-module structure of H^i(\Gamma_{n,s}) [arXiv]